Let’s talk gluten free bread

Whether you're newly gluten free or it's been a while, it can be a struggle to find gluten free bread that still tastes great and doesn't crumble into a million pieces the second you touch it. Even more of an annoyance when you're likely paying double compared to the gluten containing product. My advice to … Continue reading Let’s talk gluten free bread


Costa Coffee

Gluten free & vegan savoury option It's amazing to see the increasing number of vegan options becoming available on the market, but often I'm not able to try because of the wonderful gluten it contains 💚💚 Hence why I was so happy to see the new vegan, gluten free wrap when I popped in this … Continue reading Costa Coffee

Freaks of Nature Desserts | GF, DF, V, Ve

I’m 100% sure people with and without dietary restrictions will adore these products, I also absolutely love the attention to detail with the packaging of these products! Often free from products or either free from flavour and/or free from a variety of textures, however Freaks of Nature products are packed full of fresh, delicious flavour and … Continue reading Freaks of Nature Desserts | GF, DF, V, Ve