Zizzi | Is it dairy free, gluten free and vegan friendly?


One of the first things that dawned on me when I had to cut dairy and gluten out of my diet was genuinely, but what about Zizzi? My priorities are great I realise. Those who know me, will know that Zizzi’s garlic bread with mozzarella and caramelised onions is my true love, which was always accompanied by either a carbonara or bolognese, and on a good day a dessert containing dairy. Suddenly I realised that all these options were now out the window and going to Zizzi’s may not be possible anymore.

So when I looked at the Zizzi website prior to going yesterday to see what options were available for me, I was delighted to discover an “allergen and dietary requirements menu” (click here for the link). This menu is broken down into a vegan, non-dairy and non-gluten menu. After these menus there is also a list of all the options available in the restaurants and whether they contain celery, gluten, crustaceans, egg, fish, lupin, milk, molluscs, mustard, nuts, peanuts, sesame, soybeans or sulphites, along with any additional information.

I feel like it’s such a big step for an incredibly successful business like Zizzi to produce something so useful, not only making possible options easy to locate on a menu, but actually ensure whether you’re vegan, dairy free or gluten free (or a lovely combination) that there are still many options for you.

I really do hope that others follow, because unfortunately I’ve not had as positive experiences elsewhere. Having to scrutinise a menu to try decide what/if anything you can eat or having to remove items from an already simple dish isn’t the best. Ultimately the joy of eating out can easily be taken away, you can end up eating for the sake of it because you can’t find anything you can eat that you’d like, feeling like you’re being incredibly difficult and demanding, which I find a struggle to deal with, or just begin to feel that you’re missing out on the relaxing eating out experience that others are able to have, as well as maybe yourself in the past. This personally, and I know for many others, can really make people not want to eat out or feel overwhelmed by the situation, potentially missing out on opportunities to catch up with friends and family as well as treating yourself, and at least can impact how you feel about a restaurant.

So I would truly like to say thank you to Zizzi, for both making dishes to cater for specific dietary requirements and simply making it super clear what menu options are available. The effort may seem like an inconvenience or unnecessary, but actually it makes so much of a difference to people’s lives, and yes love Zizzi even more. Ultimately I really do hope that Zizzi have shown over food providers that making options accessible and delicious is possible for those with particular dietary requirements.

I’ll be posting what I ate and what I thought when I went to Zizzi really soon, so follow my Instagram to stay updated (spoiler: I loved them).

Have you ever eaten from the dietary restrictions Zizzi menu or had any good/bad experiences at other restaurants? Let me know in the comments below! x





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