Ninja Compact Blender Duo Review

Screen Shot 2017-06-16 at 18.01.42.png

The versatility and quality of this product is outstanding, allowing a variety of products to be made at the touch of a button. I love the fact you no longer need to buy a smoothie blender and a food processor as this devise cleverly wraps them up in one.

So many similar products only have an on/off feature, however the various options and pre-programmed settings with Auto-iQ, based on the ingredients you’re using, is so useful and effortlessly delivers such a beautiful result every time.

I always thought the smoothness of shop bought smoothies would never be achievable at home, yet I’m now seeing that using the smooth boost setting that smooth, silky texture is so easy to get and even remains throughout the day.

For larger quantities, the 2.1L option is brilliant. The multiple blades work to blend the whole mixture perfectly.

All the safety options for the Ninja blender are great to stop any potential problems or if you’re around children. The lids are also super secure so you can take your drinks anywhere and be confident that you’ll have no spillages along the way!

Want to learn more? The blender is currently on sale at £89.99 on both Amazon and the Ninja website!

Any questions, please do message me!




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