Arlo Bistro & Cafe

I absolutely love Arlo Bistro & Café in Jesmond, Newcastle. If you’re only going to read one sentence be it this one, my advice is – go. The food is incredibly delicious and fresh, with also a variety of beautiful cakes & sweeter treats as well. All the options sound so amazing and interesting, the biggest problem you’ll have is probably deciding what to have. I’ve been multiple times and the staff are always so pleasant and helpful. It seems whatever time you go, it is always busy, however you never have to wait long for a table, and it’s absolutely worth the wait!

Gluten free? There isn’t a separate gluten free menu, although there are options to adapt to make them possible for you, e.g. gluten free bread. All menu options that can be made gluten free are clearly labelled on the menu.

Vegetarian or vegan? There are a number of vegetarian options clearly marked on the menu, some appear suitable for vegan diets at a baseline or with the removal of certain ingredients.

I definitely recommend Arlo Bistro & Café, I’ve never been disappointed in the slightest, the menu makes it relatively clear what may be suitable for you in terms of dietary restrictions, however if not the staff are always incredibly helpful, so be sure to ask before going or when you turn up what will be suitable for you!

Visit the website here.


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