Fat Hippo Review



Chances are you’re reading this because you’re considering eating at the Fat Hippo and wondering whether they will be able to accommodate your dietary restrictions. So I’ll get right onto the important stuff and let you know they have an amazing variety of dietary menus to help you pick the perfect option at Fat Hippo, they have the following menus (as well as a full allergen sheet):

  • Dairy free menu
  • Gluten free menu
  • Vegetarian menu
  • Vegan menu

It’s amazing to see a restaurant so willing to help us make the best choices and feel less stressful while eating out. Although the vegan and vegetarian options aren’t plentiful, it’s still great there’s some options available and hopefully this is an area they will consider more in the future

Personally when I went to the Fat Hippo I was still eating meat, my choice was the PB & J burger – that’s right, peanut butter on a burger, it actually works so well! If you’re dairy free remember to ask for your burger without cheese and a dairy free bun.

Where to find Fat Hippo restaurants?

  • Durham
  • Jesmond
  • Newcastle

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