Hickory’s Smokehouse Review


It can be an overwhelming time having to adapt to eating out with a new dietary restriction, especially when you’re unsure whether you’re still going to be able to eat something at a restaurant you love. I quite frequently went to Hickory’s throughout uni and I absolutely loved their food, as well as the whole atmosphere. Finding out they had a gluten free menu when that became necessary was such a blessing.

I’ve been multiple times since and I honestly couldn’t recommend Hickory’s enough generally and also if you have a dietary restriction too. On all occasions as soon as the staff found out I required the gluten free menu, they were so considerate & helpful, it made me feel so at ease. I’m used to just asking for the gluten free menu at restaurants and choosing from this, however without asking any questions the staff at Hickory’s ensured safe cooking practises with me and double checked various options I’d ordered  and let me know they were safe.

In terms of options if you’re gluten free, there are still a variety of options – not just a plain salad, hurray! I’ve had the burgers, in which the gluten free bun is amazing and you honestly wouldn’t be able to tell it isn’t just a regular bread option. The burgers do come with cheese, so if dairy is not a part of your diet, make sure to ask for the burger without and check how the burger is cooked. I’ve also combined a number of sides options to develop a meal of my own, which staff were more than happy to do for me!

I’ve always been to Hickory’s when I was eating meat or limiting the amount of meat in my diet  therefore I haven’t had to select options from the menu as a vegetarian. The restaurant is very heavily meat based and I can imagine their vegetarian options (they have a mushroom and halloumi burger) and especially vegan options are very limited – although as I mentioned before if you find sides that suit your diet and preference, you can combine them together to make a meal. Fancy something sweet? Hickory’s have a dairy free milkshake which is blueberry & white chocolate flavoured – their milkshakes are amazing!

Overall, I’d definitely recommend Hickory’s for a delicious meal out, with an amazing atmosphere and friendly staff. If you’re vegetarian or vegan, or have more intricate dietary intolerances, it might be worth ringing up before hand or asking the staff while you’re at the restaurant to help them guide you through the menu

Where can you find Hickory’s restaurants?

  • Burton Green
  • Castle Bromwich
  • Chester
  • Rhos-on-Sea
  • Southport
  • Wall Heath
  • West Kirby

Check out Hickory’s website to see their menu, locations and also their contact details incase you have any questions for them – here!

Have any experience eating at Hickory’s? I’d love to hear what you thought and how your experience was!


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