Nakd bars (GF, DF, V, Ve)

Nakd bars are a perfect little treat for anytime of day, and they come in such a variety of flavours you’re bound to find at least one (if not many) that you absolutely adore. All the bars are gluten free, dairy free and vegan; they all contain such few ingredients but taste absolutely amazing! I … Continue reading Nakd bars (GF, DF, V, Ve)



These Aldi bars are gluten free (but do contain GF oats), dairy free*, vegan, only 49p, oh and they taste really good too, perfect! Each bar provides around 10g of protein, 8g of fibre and only 0.3g of fat. These come in 3 flavours; berry, cocoa and banana. Be sure to pick up a bar/some … Continue reading ALDI HIKE BARS (GF, DF*, Ve, V)

Freaks of Nature Desserts | GF, DF, V, Ve

I’m 100% sure people with and without dietary restrictions will adore these products, I also absolutely love the attention to detail with the packaging of these products! Often free from products or either free from flavour and/or free from a variety of textures, however Freaks of Nature products are packed full of fresh, delicious flavour and … Continue reading Freaks of Nature Desserts | GF, DF, V, Ve